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pdf of merchant of venice

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This will finalize the changes on your new page, and you won't have access to the Edit option on that page going forward

The actual size for a PDF page is typically 100%, but the document may have been set to another magnification level when it was createdChange the magnification with zoom tools Do one of the following: Click the Zoom In button or the Zoom Out button in the toolbar

pdf of merchant of venice

Enter a magnification percentage in the Common Tools toolbar, either by typing or choosing from the pop-up menuDrag the Marquee Zoom tool to define the area of the page that you want to fill the document pane(View > Zoom > Marquee Zoom) Drag the Continuous Zoom tool (also called Dynamic Zoom) up to increase the magnification and down to decrease magnification

pdf of merchant of venice

(View > Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Select & Zoom > Dynamic Zoom) Note: When the Marquee Zoom tool is selected, you can Ctrl-click or Ctrl-drag to zoom outHolding down Shift switches temporarily from the Marquee Zoom tool to the Dynamic Zoom tool

pdf of merchant of venice

Change the magnification with the Pan & Zoom Window tool Choose View > Zoom > Pan & Zoom, or click the Pan & Zoom tool in the Select and Zoom toolbar

Do any of the following: Drag the handles of the box in the Pan & Zoom window to change the document magnificationBates numbers appear as headers or footers on the pages of each PDF in the batch

The Bates identifier is referred to as a number, but it can include an alphanumeric prefix and suffixThe prefix and suffix can make it easier to recognize the central subject matter of the files

Note: Bates numbering is unavailable for protected or encrypted files and some formsAdd Bates numbering When designating documents for Bates numbering, you can add PDFs, and any non-PDF files that can be converted to PDF

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