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how to save a webpage as a pdf

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Selecting Save As will open a new window where you'll be able to enter a file name

In addition to this, there are several licensing options to suit your needsClick to Convert The HTML to PDF converter is a tool that converts a web page into a PDF document

how to save a webpage as a pdf

It can be used to save images, links and original contentThis process is fast and simpleUsing an HTML to PDF converter is a good way to ensure that your web pages will look the same on all devices

how to save a webpage as a pdf

You can also set your pages to fit a specific size and marginsIn fact, you can even adjust the orientation of your pages

how to save a webpage as a pdf

To use the HTML to PDF Converter, you'll need to upload a file from your computer, web browser or a cloud service

Once you've uploaded your file, you'll need to select the format you'd like to convert it toIt is also a useful tool for updating presentations

Some of the options include converting odd or even pages, zooming in and out, and adding a border colorYou can even customize the size of the image in the settings

Before using the PDF to JPG converter, you must download the app and install it on your computerOnce installed, you can open it through any web browser

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